Thursday, June 01, 2006

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May 30, 2006
Several things have hit me this morning. We had our weekly staff devotion this morning. Here’s the first thing. God is not a God of destiny but a God of process. Our destiny is the process. I think I think there’s some grand mountain top to which I should ascend, when my life may be a series of destinations. This thought is a work in process, as well.
I’m reading Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose. Another thing I thought about this morning is that Meriwether Lewis was not classically trained though he was from a well to do family in Virginia. When Thomas Jefferson was working under Washington, he wanted to send an expedition to the West. Lewis applied to be the guy who led the expedition, however Jefferson chose the French scientist and botanist Michaux. The attempted exploration by Michaux was a failure in as much as he didn’t reach the Pacific Ocean as he had attempted. When Jefferson became president he chose Lewis to begin a second expedition. He chose Lewis, not because of his expertise but due to his willingness to learn and grow. I’m in the first chapters of the book so there is certainly more to come. As I read this book, I’m trying to apply the lessons learned to my own improvement.

May 16, 2006
I'm reading Wagons West by Frank McLynn. It's an interesting read due to the content of the book. The writing is very academic but I'm able to filter through all the muck and get to the story of the opening of the West for the United States. It seems that the English, Chinese and Spanish were also exploring the region during the same time period. Americans wanting to go west were given 320 acres to do so. If they were married they'd received 640 acres plus 160 acres per child. I think if I were around back then, I'd go west. They say that the average American at the time thought that the west was some evil place full of savagery and not for any common use. I guess they were wrong. I wonder if there's anything like that in my life that I'm afraid to accomplish. Maybe this business idea I have is in that category. My fear is of failure for my business.
May 5, 2006
God's teaching me some interesting things these days. One of which I'll comment on here. For those of you who have taken a DISC test, my personality style is on the 'D' side of things. That means I'm your "born leader, trail blazer, think out of the box, there's nothing impossible" kind of guy. My weak points have to do with details and not letting things slip through the cracks. My strength is that I can see the goal, and understand how to get there. What I've learned is that this is who I am and God made me this way for a reason. If God had wanted us all to be candle sniffers, then he would have made us all that way. The good news is that God can use me. I'm a person who's not afraid to be heard and rock the boat a little if the boat needs to be rocked. However, what I'm not is a quitter. There are some people out there, who find problems in every church they attend and make those problems the reason why they aren't obedient to God. I don't want to be that guy. If God leads me to find a problem, then maybe I'm there to make change in order to refine the church. Sometimes people will think I'm stubborn. And sometimes, I am. And sometimes I take my personality to the extreme and let my fleshly nature takeover and become an ass. In that case, I'm in the wrong. But when I allow God to harness me and take me where he watns me to go, then I'm a great tool in the hands of a master craftsman. So maybe I'm not a sunday school kind of guy. But what I have learned is that it's ok for me to be what God made me. I think I’ll stop trying to mold myself into what I think others would like me to be, and I’ll just let God mold me into who he wants me to be. And that's turned me on to learning who God is.

Here's what this doesn't mean. It doesn't mean that I've a free pass to be a jerk. This doesn't mean that I've got a free pass to not be involved in HIS church. This means quite the opposite. I must be more involved, but involved in the way God's gifted me.

More later...

The May 1, 2006 boycott in review
The boycott on May 1 seemed to go on without a flaw from my perspective. Driving to work that day, in my attempt to boycott the boycott, I noticed how much smoother the traffic was. I didn't have any vehicles with 4 out of balance tires, tail lights dangling side swiping my vehicle. There weren't any cars abandoned on the side of the road for other drivers to slow down and gaze at. All of the businesses that I frequent were open with a glitch. To tell you the truth, the boycott was great. I would like to see the illegals boycott the US, by moving out and taking their "economic impact" with them. That would show us. I hope that they get so angry with Americans that they up and leave. Maybe they could go to Canada. That'll show us bad Americans how much those illegal immigrants mean to us.

On a serious note, American was founded on the backs of hardworking immigrants to whom I a hardy hoorah! One of my friends' parents were Cuban immigrants to the United States. My friend and his family over the last 40 years have built a business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Now that's immigration. Those are the kind of immigrants that America wants. We want the people who want a chance to better themselves and their families. We don't want immigrants who want a free ride. As a matter of fact, we don't want citizens who just want a free ride. So to those immigrants who are hardworking and want a chance to be free to succeed and free to fail: stick around!! And to those illegal immigrants who simply want a free ride: Keep those boycotts coming!!

God bless America, and the immigrant backs on which she was founded.